COVID-19 Procedures

  The following list details some of the many issues that pertain to all masses going forward for the foreseeable future. Please respect and adhere to the procedures listed below. Information regarding mass registration and our mass schedule will also be provided below. Thank you

Mass Registration

Because of social distancing, there will be limits on how many people may be in attendance at parish masses. At this time, all parishes are requested to have a pre-registration for each mass.

To do this, I ask that you please contact Louise Mallett, our Business Manager, via call or text message at 617-306-2022 between 8AM and 6PM. You may also email her at, giving the necessary information listed below (we will confirm your reservation via email or phone). We do ask that you register at least one day in advance of the mass you plan on attending.

At the time you register, please tell her the following information:

  1. Which mass you would like to attend (Date and Time - For example, "Sunday at 9AM")
  2. How many people are attending
  3. Their names
  4. Who of these people are in your household
  5. A phone number to reach you/them.

This is to better determine how much capacity we have left in the church, and to insure that if needed, we may conduct a contact search in case of a positive Coronavirus diagnosis for someone who was in attendance.

Thank you,

Fr. Bill


Mass Schedule:

Our Saturday masses @ 4:00PM have resumed.

Our Sunday masses @ 7:30AM, 9:00AM, and 10:30AM have all resumed.

Weekday masses @ 9:00AM have resumed.

In-church funerals have resumed.

For all these occasions, the safety measures, including signing in, wearing masks and social distancing of 6ft will be observed. Also, mass attendees will only be admitted 15 minutes prior to the mass and all will need to depart the church immediately at the conclusion of the service.


Procedures to follow - Please read:

  • Entry will be permitted only 15 minutes prior to mass, this is to ensure the church is properly sanitized.
  • For example, if the mass on Saturday begins at 4pm, entrants will not be allowed in until 3:45pm.
  • Doors will be closed and no entry will be permitted once the Gospel has started.


  • All persons, including children 5+, entering the church must wear a mask or other facial covering that covers the face and mouth.
          Exceptions to this requirement are as follows:
  • Children under the age of 2.
  • Children between ages 2 - 5 is at the discretion of the parents.
  • Those who have medical issues that prevent them from wearing a mask.
  • All entrants to the church need to sign in with their name (First and Last) and a contact phone number. The information collected will be used solely for the purposes of contacting those who attended a mass or ceremony, in the event of an individual(s) who later tested positive for coronavirus, and can be notified accordingly.


  • No food or drinks will be allowed in the church during mass. If you bring in a beverage, you will be asked to leave it at the front of the church and pick it up when you leave.


  • Hand Sanitizer will be available as you enter and leave the church. We ask that you please be aware of how much you take; a little goes a long way.


  • Gloves may be worn, except when receiving Communion.


  • Communion must be given on the hand only. Communion will not be given on the tongue.


  • There will also be no sharing of the cup, and no sign of peace.


  • There will be arrows along the floor to direct the flow of traffic. Please abide by these directions and do not back-track to your seat or cut across from the main aisle to the side aisles. Markings will be laid out to advise on a 6ft distance from one another. Again, please pay attention to these markings and to those around you.


  • Please sit only in the designated pews and stay 6ft from the person beside you unless they are a part of your household.


  • There will be tape across the pews that are to remain empty. Please respect these areas and do not sit or walk through these areas.


  • There will be no congregational singing; missalettes and hymnals will be removed from the pews.


  • Weekly bulletins and Pilot newspapers will also be removed and given out on weekend masses at the end of mass. The bulletins will be available to view on our website or through The Pilot is available at


  • There will be no collections during the mass. We encourage all parishioners to sign up for electronic giving on our website For those who wish to provide their weekly envelopes or loose currency, we will have staff members and lockboxes at the entrance of the church to collect those from you. We sincerely thank you for your donations.


  • Only 40% maximum of the church capacity is allowed in the church at any one time.


  • At the end of the service, please do not congregate with each other and respect proper social distancing precautions.


  • Please take all personal belongings with you before you leave.


  • Please dispose of all trash in the trash bins at the entrances and exits.


I know these stipulations are unusual, but we live in unusual times and we need to protect each other.

Thank You, Stay Safe and God Bless.

       -  Fr. Bill